We offer a number of programs and events designed to uplift youth through holistic development. We carefully create environments and experiences that surround our youth with positive role models and successful professionals and provide them with the vital knowledge and resources embodied in our seven pillars curriculum.


We are dedicated to building up our community. 

While Camp Exposure began with a focus on HS football athletes, we are always seeking ways to engage and benefit all the youth of the communities that it serves.  Throughout the year, we plan and partner with other organizations to provide a number of events, such as bookbag drives, financial literacy courses, parent discussions, and youth sports activities, all centered around our seven pillars to support the varied needs of the youth.

Check out our events page to see what's coming up.

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Over 25 million participate in youth sports. We want to help our youth build a strong foundation at a young age. 

Camp Exposure Youth Sports Program focuses on creating safe and influential learning and playing environments for ages four through eighteen. We focus on developing these young athletes on and off the field. The age groups we target are at a pivotal point in their lives, and we want to ensure we surround them with positive role models, coaches, and trainers to teach and show them the characteristics it takes to succeed in life. Our Youth Program requires that our athletes attend Leadership Sessions and Camp Exposure Youth Events that focus on providing vital information aligned with our seven pillars for our players to lay a foundation for their future.


Every athlete has to make the transition into life without sports. We are here to help. 

The Bride Program focuses on athletes 18 and up that are preparing for the transition into life without the game. At some point, ALL athletes have to make the transition, which can be daunting. Through the relationships we build, we have created paths for Camp Exposure athletes to learn the skills, characteristics, and qualifications businesses and organizations are looking for. We create opportunities for our student-athletes to be hired for jobs and internships because of the knowledge they possess. We know crossing the bridge into the workforce and out of athletics can be a hard process, and that is why we are here to guide them in making that transition as smooth as possible.