Applications open January 12th through February 19th


Year 1
Freshman --> Sophomore

12 workshops & roundtable discussions covering:

  • SEL Skills
  • Discovering their identity beyond sports
  • Academic Readiness
  • Mental Health

Year 2                                               Sophomore --> Junior

12 Workshops & roundtable discussions covering:

  • Relationship Skills
  • Nutrition/Wellness
  • Professional Development
  • Character Development

Year 3                                                          Junior --> Senior

20 workshops covering:

  • Professional Development
  • Financial Literacy
  • Leadership Development
  • All pillars covered at Camp Exposure Educational Camp

The Junior to Senior Year Experience 

20 Holistic Workshops

3 day 2 night Hotel Accommodations for Camp Exposure Educational Camp

Career Fair/Networking Event 

Film Package of drills performed at The Educational Camp

Professional Profile & Resume 

Business Attire for Networking Event & Career Dair

Graduate Certificate from Camp Exposure Academy

Guided Plan For Their Next Steps in Life

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