Camp Exposure

The Camp Exposure

Camp Exposure is a faith-based holistic youth development program centered around student-athletes. We are dedicated to exposing student-athletes to knowledge that is essential in helping them emerge into successful leaders on and off the field

Every athlete has to make the transition into life without sports. We are here to help. 

In a nation with over one million high school football players, getting overlooked by collegiate coaches happens continuously. According to, about 7% of high school football players play collegiate athletics. With those statistics, we must prepare our athletes for life after sports at whatever level they exit the game.

While we help our athletes succeed in their careers by providing professional training, tips, strategies, and mentorship, we also coach for success in multiple areas of life. We train our players to face their challenges and develop a win.

While we know the most critical aspect of the athlete is everything that happens outside of the arena, we still understand the will and drive of athletes to be successful in their athletic careers. At Camp Exposure, we start to develop our athletes as young as four and provide them access to top-of-the-line training, coaching, teams, leagues, marketing, and agents to help them reach their goals and set our athletes apart.

Greatest Camp In The Nation

Our flagship program, Camp Exposure Football Camp, has set the tone for the entire Camp Exposure Foundation. While we know we can’t reach every athlete, Camp Exposure Football Camp allows us to expose over a hundred athletes in three days to the information and knowledge we are providing at Camp Exposure. During the three-day invitational camp, athletes are taught the importance of our seven pillars, while having the opportunity to showcase their skills to increase their chances of playing at the next level.


Youth Sports

Camp Exposure will host Youth Sports leagues for ages four through eighteen that will not only focus on the development of these young athletes on the field but also off the field. The age groups that we are targeting are at a pivotal point in their lives and we want to make sure we are surrounding them with positive role models, coaches, and trainers to teach them the characteristics it takes to succeed in life. With our Leadership Program and the leaders we surround them with, our players will learn the importance of our eight pillars designed specifically for their age group.

Surround them with positive influences at a young age when they are easily influenced by great
coaches, trainers, and mentors that model Christ-like characteristics.

Provide them with an opportunity to explore and gauge their level of passion for
the game.

Opportunity to work on social skills while being surrounded by other players from
different socio-economic backgrounds.

Teach them the skills and characteristics it takes to make it as great players and
young men at the next level.


Exposure: Role Models, Knowledge & Wisdom

Our leadership development program focuses on ages 4-18. As our players are going through this vital time of development we start by teaching them fundamental characteristics that they need to possess by their age group to become leaders. We do this by creating sessions for our players throughout the year focusing on the Camp Exposure pillars and bible studies centered around the character of Jesus Christ and other great men and women in the bible. While the knowledge is amazing we understand the importance of the kids just being able to see role models around them that model everything they are being taught which is will be exhibited by our coaches, trainers, and staff members.


Exposure: Knowledge, Wisdom, Brotherhood, Professional Development

Our mentorship program is an eleven-month journey focusing on ages 14 through 18. Our mentors will walk with their mentees and tackle seven key areas that are vital for these young men's success in life.

We will focus on these key areas by creating conversations about the topics, reviewing articles, videos, curriculum, and providing examples of men that carried or lacked these qualities throughout history. While these boys grow older it is vital to not only surround them with a man that is modeling the characteristics but also there to walk it out with them the way we are called to. Our goal is to not only reach the mentees with knowledge but also create a brotherhood where they know someone cares about them.

Exposure: Professional Development


Exposure: Professional Development The Bride Program focuses on athletes 18 and up. We understand as high school ends some players continue to play and some don’t. Whenever our players make the transition away from being an athlete we want to help them in that season. As we continue to build relationships with businesses and organizations we will create a pipeline of Camp Exposure athletes who are being hired for jobs and internships because of the knowledge they possess. We know crossing the bridge of not being an athlete can be a hard process and we will help make that transition as smooth as possible.


By partnering with companies we are able to know truly what every company desires out of an employee. Through Camp Exposure our athletes are not only receiving the knowledge of our core pillars but also the necessities to be the perfect candidate for internships and employment across the spectrum. As we continue to grow our partnership we will continue to have more fields available to our athletes to pursue and learn about.