Camp Exposure

youth Sports


Camp Exposure will host Youth Sports leagues for ages four through eighteen that will not only focus on the development of these young athletes on the field but also off the field. The age groups that we are targeting are at a pivotal point in their lives and we want to make sure we are surrounding them with positive role models, coaches, and trainers to teach them the characteristics it takes to succeed in life. With our Leadership Program and Camp Exposure Youth Events,  our players will learn the importance of our seven pillars designed specifically for their age group.

Youth Events

Camp Exposure will host Youth Events centered around our seven pillars throughout the community. Our goal is to expand our communities’ knowledge on different professions to pursue, provide a safe and positive environment, and expose our youth to the knowledge needed to succeed. 

Leadership Program

Our leadership development program is a requirement for athletes apart of our youth leagues and teams. As our players are going through this vital time of development we start by teaching them fundamental characteristics that they need to possess by their age group to become leaders. We do this by creating sessions for our players throughout the year focusing on the Camp Exposure pillars and bible studies centered around the character of Jesus Christ and other great men and women in the bible. While the knowledge is amazing, we also understand the importance of our youth being able to perceive positive role models in their environments.