Camp Exposure

The Bridge

What is it?

The Bride Program focuses on athletes 18 and up that are preparing for the transition into life without the game. At some point, ALL athletes have to make the transition and it can be a daunting task. As we continue to build relationships with businesses and organizations we will create a pipeline of Camp Exposure athletes who are being hired for jobs and internships because of the knowledge they possess. We know crossing the bridge into the workforce and out of athletics can be a hard process and that is why we are here to guide them making that transition as smooth as possible.

Our Vision

By partnering with businesses and organizations we are able to know truly what every company desires out of an employee candidate. Through Camp Exposure our athletes are not only receiving the knowledge of our core pillars but also the necessities to be the perfect candidate for internships and employment across the map. As we continue to grow our partnerships we will continue to have more fields available to our athletes to pursue and learn about.