Camp Exposure

Our Mission

Camp Exposure Football Camp is an elite 3-day invitational camp exposing high school football players to the knowledge needed to succeed in life. Generations of athlete’s have fallen victim to being solely focused on their performance on the field and have never been taught or have neglected the importance of life off the field. While we help our invitees succeed in their athletic careers by providing professional training, tips, strategies and mentorship, we also provide coaching for success in multiple areas of life. We train our players to face their challenges and develop a win. Over a three-day period, role-models and expert speakers are brought in to prepare them for off the field topics including; identity, mental health, spiritual health, nutrition, relationship etiquette, professional development, financial literacy, and the business of the game.

Why Attend Camp Exposure?

In a nation with over one million high school football players it’s sometimes easy to get overlooked and passed up by collegiate coaches. According to only about 7% of high school football players make it to the next level; everyone wants and thinks they deserve the opportunity to go play at the collegiate level but not everyone is guaranteed a scholarship.


Camp Exposure is here to give athletes that platform to showcase their talents for college coaches and get the looks they think they deserve. We believe every athlete should have an equal opportunity but unfortunately, some players fly under the radar. As these athletes prepare for greater exposure at our camp, they also get the opportunity to grow as a professionals. Camp Exposure gives these athletes access to information that will put them a step ahead of their peers. 

Being a 5-star recruit is a great start to a young athlete’s career, and with that comes big responsibility. The resources and connections that come with being a big-time recruit are oftentimes misused. We prepare and teach our athletes how to leverage their relationships, become a professional in all aspects of their lives, what to expect as they prepare to become their own brand, and how to build and keep their Identity, Mental and Spiritual health strong. 

With the business of the game starting at a much younger age, we want to prepare our athletes to make the right decision for their careers and families. Though our main focus is off the field for these athletes, we still provide top of the line training and teaching to better their performance on the field.