Camp Exposure Football camp is an annual elite 3-day invitational football camp to give high school football players the platform and opportunity to showcase their skills and talents, while exposing them to the technique and knowledge needed to succeed at the next level. While we want our invitees to succeed as athletes we also understand that there is more to the athletes than just football. What makes Camp Exposure unique is not only do we teach football but we also teach athletes how to perform and succeed off the field. While they learn different techniques to help them grow as an athlete from our professional athletes and trainers, we also have our expert speakers talk to them about off the field subjects such as; mental health, financial literacy, personal branding, identity, business management and most importantly Spiritual health.


  • In a nation with over one million high school football players it’s sometimes easy to get overlooked and passed up by collegiate coaches. According to only about 7% of high school football players make it to the next level; everyone wants and thinks they deserve the opportunity to go play at the collegiate level but not everyone is guaranteed a scholarship.
  • The Camp Exposure is here to give athletes that platform to showcase their talents for college coaches and get the looks they think they deserve. We believe every athlete should have an equal opportunity to showcase their talents but unfortunately some players fly under the radar.

4 & 5

  • Being a 5 star recruit is a great start to your young career, but did you know only about half of high school 5 star recruits get drafted? At Camp exposure we want to take your game to another level by fine tooling your skills on and off the field. Not only will these athletes be able to flex their athletic abilities but we will teach them the characteristics, etiquette, and mental fortitude it takes to succeed at the next level as they are taught by current and former NFL players, and some of the best trainers in the DFW area. They will also receive a head start on learning how to navigate the hurdles you will face off the field as a student athlete. As soon as an athlete steps on a campus he is now apart of a business and Camp Exposure will show you what to expect and how to respond. Want to take your game to another level and be considered the best in the nation? Come do it at Camp Exposure.