Camp Exposure was created in 2018 by the founder Tyler Patmon and his wife Tiffany as a faith based organization that began under their non profit foundation Shine in Darkness. Shine in Darkness focuses on helping young boys and girls find their God given talents and directs them on how to turn them into a real life occupation. After partnering with college teammates and his best friends Jeremiah Hatch and Lubbock Smith III, who also have a passion for the youth and their community, Camp Exposure was taken to the next level and became the organization that it is today.


Camp Exposure is dedicated to exposing student-athletes to information and tools to help them grow into successful athletes, as well as productive young men and women in their everyday lives. At Camp Exposure we understand we are more than athletes and that our identity isn’t contingent on who we are as athletes. We also recognize that kids sometimes lack the knowledge and understanding it takes to navigate through this world successfully as athletes, especially those of disadvantaged, economic backgrounds. That is why at Camp Exposure we believe in equipping athletes with the knowledge and understanding to help them make the most out of not only their athletic careers but also their lives.


While Camp Exposure has primarily focused on football in the past, we now plan on expanding our reach to multiple sports and both genders as we aspire to have a true impact on our community’s well-being. The focus has always been the athlete but we also want to make sure we reach the parents, guardians, and mentors. By expanding our reach, we believe we can help spark the change of the trajectory of each family as we start to create generational knowledge and wealth.